Wallpaper is back! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know this is not headline news. But I’m actually pretty excited about it. I love to see the way design trends get reinvented when they come back in style. I don’t want to give away my exact age, but let me just admit here that I’m old enough to have lived through the last wallpaper hey-day. I remember fondly how my mom took me to the local paint store and we poured over stacks and stacks of wallpaper books looking for the one that would work best in my “tween” bedroom. Oh yeah, this wallpaper ultimately had to coordinate with burgundy shag carpet and my tricked-out waterbed. I wish I could share with you the wallpaper that we were actually replacing. If I had the foresight to realize how cool that paper would have been to me today I would have kept a piece of it so I could show you, but you’ll just have to use your imagination — picture red, white and blue psychedelic swirls. So late 60s! (For the record, that paper predated my birth.) The paper I ultimately chose was a sweet little pink floral vine on a creamy white background. So 80’s. Alas in the 90’s everyone started ripping out all that “country” wallpaper in favor of paint (think faux finishes ala the “Tuscan” look) and here we are again in the middle of a wallpaper renaissance. Recent advances in technology have led to developments in digital printing, which in turn has brought a new generation of artists and designers. We’re seeing cool unexpected patterns and large-scale murals everywhere. Is it a trend? Yes and I’m sure we’ll get out our scrapers in 10 years in favor of something else, but for now I say live a little. Life is short so don’t be afraid to make design choices that make you happy.

Here’s a round-up of some papers I’ve had my eye on lately. These are some of my favorites from Hygge and West. They carry papers from a handful of amazingly talented designers and even carry removable wallpaper tiles.

How could you not love this pineapple design by Rifle Paper Co.? I’ve seen this used in a laundry room. It would be cute in a powder room too.HW_RPC009_Pineapple_Ebony_Detail_web_Rifle Paper

Here is another variation in blue. I could see this in a breakfast nook. HW_RPC013_Pineapple_Blue_Detail_web_Rifle Paper

This one’s great too. You know how much I adore peonies! HW_RPC026_Peonies_Copper_Detail_web_Peonies

Robin’s egg blue. Enough said. HW_RPC007_QueenAnne_RobinsEgg_Detail_web_Rifle Paper

This one’s called Diamata by Laundry Studio.HW_LY008_Diamata_Gray_Room_web_Laundry Studio

Knots in gray by Terrence PayneHW_TP010_Knots_Gray_Room_web

Love this “Petal Pusher” in blue by Oh Joy!HW_OJ001_PetalPusher_Blue_Room_web_Oh Joy

“Petal Pusher” also  lovely in gold.HW_OJ002_PetalPusher_Gold_Room_web_Oh Joy

More from Laundry Studio – Andanza in blushHW_LY004_Andanza_Blush_Room_web_Laundry Studio

This ballet pink and lilac would be so pretty in a girls room. HW_T_LR002_Ballet_Blush_Room_WEB

This paper is called “Daydream” by Julia Rothman. Another great one for a girls room.HW_JRO033_Daydream_Blush_Detail_web_Julia Rothman

You may know that a number of fabric houses also produce some beautiful papers. I love this Sigourney pattern from Quadrille. Sigourney_wallpaper Sigourney_wallpaper_Muse_Interiors

Another great source for paper is Serena & Lily. You know from my past posts how much I adore them. wp_env

I particularly like to see wallpaper used as accents in small spaces like an entryway, bathroom, laundry room or accent wall. It can be a great way to make a big impact without spending a fortune. I’ll follow up with a post on some great rooms highlighting wallpaper soon. Until then…

xo KG