It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Along with decorating, shopping, baking and holiday parties, you may be expecting over-night house guests. Don’t stress. Prepping for your guests can be an enjoyable experience if you follow these 7 tips for setting up an inviting guest room that’s comfy and relaxing.


Think 5 Star Hotel
Think about what you’d expect to find in a 5 star hotel and try to make your room measure up by adding the amenities that make you feel most comfortable. Things like extras and high quality linens will set the tone.


Bedding Upgrades
Beyond clean bedding, consider adding extra blankets, a cozy down comforter and a choice of pillows. If you check the linen closet and discover your only extra set of sheets is the Star Wars theme you used in your son’s room, it’s time to get a new set asap!


Fresh Towels
Always have enough freshly washed towels and leave them in the room so guest don’t have to ask.


Good Reads
Leave a stack of classic novels, magazines or travel books on the nightstand.


Snacks and Water
Have some wrapped snacks, fresh fruit or some of those home made holiday treats in a nice basket for when the midnight munchies strike.  Don’t forget some bottled water too.


Charging Station
Make sure to provide a phone charging cord in case your guest have forgotten theirs.


Privacy Please
Consider black out blinds or leave a new eye mask for privacy and light control.


Shop the look for a serene and cozy guest bedroom, worthy of a 5 star hotel.



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