I’m working on a handful of bathrooms at the moment and during a late night, inspirational pinning sesh, it occurred to me how much I’m into black-framed shower doors. A trend? Maybe… and as you know, I usually preach the value of classic finishes which are mostly immune to trends, but we still like to be current, right? Truth is, most trends last around 10 years or so, but black and white will forever be classic, so I’m feeling especially good about these ones here below.

I love how black shower frames pair with other metals like brass for a more traditional/classic look or chrome for a modern look. They’re also the perfect compliment to white (of course) and other materials like marble, patterned cement tiles, slate, shiplap and wood. So, whether you’re into classic, farm-house, traditional, modern or something in-between, these black-framed showers are definitely beautiful and sure to inspire.





All images via Pinterest